Twothousandfifteen rolling and gathering snow!

Last year was a year of studio work for me! Recorded Jamboree III: Lust Dies last February, Mike Trask and The Precious Memories: Sadie took 6 months to finish, in and out of The Echo Chamber spring to fall. Then came the opportunity to work on John Richards Blue Valley The studio has always been my favourite place to be and this year is already shaping up to be another year filled with studio work and some great shows!

Super excited
and thankful for these opportunities.  Here is a recap of the music I was lucky enough to make this past year. Bookmark my website to stay updated on all the projects and shows I’m involved with this year if your interested! Thanks Everyone! 


Jamboree III: Lust Dies

Mike Trask And The Precious Memories : Sadie

John Richard: Blue Valley




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