a1011354827_2sadieJamboree III : Lust Dies
a0257741999_2885767040137.170x170-75Mike Trask And The Precious Memories : One Big Happy Family

Most recently in the studio with Campbellton, NB artist John Richard, Mike Trask (a Nova Scotia native now living in New Burnswick) had his first official producing credit in 2012 when he co-produced Juno award winning artist Jim Henman’s first solo album Same Old Feeling. Having recorded 4 studio albums of his own by that point working with various producers including Louisiana producer Eddie Bodin and Canadian blues Legend Garrett Mason, Henman’s project gave him the confidence he needed to produce his next solo project himself  – Jamboree II : 24 Cents.


Since then Mike has produced 2 more of his own records(Mike Trask And The Precious Memories: One Big Happy Family and Jamboree III : Lust Dies), as well as David R Elliott’s 2013 release Rearrange, which recently was nominated for Music New Brunswick 2014 Country Album of The Year.

To hear examples of Mikes productions click on any of the links below and feel free to get in touch if you are interested in working with him in the studio!

John Richard

Blue Valley – 2014


Mike Trask And The Precious Memories

Sadie – 2014


David R Elliott

Rearrange – 2013


 Mike Trask And The Precious Memories

One Big Happy Family – 2o13

Mike Trask And The Precious Memories : One Big Happy Family

Jim Henman

Same Old Feeling – 2012



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Mike Trask

Jamboree III: Lust Dies – 2014

Jamboree III : Lust Dies